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Check out this ...
Check out this video on YouTube:
Rc forever05/06/2015
gay music . 
gay music . 
mick hickman29/08/2014
Just Boss. I want ...
Just Boss. I want one. When can I get one? How much are they gonna be?
It would be nice to ...
It would be nice to see Toni Bou riding one of these to see how they really stack up to the petrol versions. No tuning for elevation, no stinky exhaust, almost quiet.
my e mail address ...
my e mail address is
ecoride adventures01/01/2013
car on ne peut pas ...
car on ne peut pas faire de longue randonné et sa ne fait pas de bruit
alain dubosson09/06/2012
c est quel cc?
c est quel cc?
thib wanaza05/07/2013
that video would of ...
that video would of been cool if was not for that fuckying bike im mean what the fuck if you buy one of thous fucking bicks youll be made fun of by any realy trils rider
chase beach04/10/2012
moi j en veux une ...
moi j en veux une mais tout depend si y a une grande autonomie et je veux savoir quel cm cube ya
thib wanaza05/07/2013
Never seen that ...
Never seen that bike before. Should go to Scotland, richest trials country in the world, instead of the man made rubbish
@gasdive OH wait I ...
@gasdive OH wait I cannot finish this round because my battery went flat, can we resume in about 2 hours; and that is only if my minder can find and extension cord long enough to reach me out here. And yes I know you are automatically giving me two fives this round because that is what I would have got if I could have stalled my electric motor twice. So you are telling me scoring would have to change because you cannot stall them. And you are calling me absurd. Yup I will say "Here's your Sign"
What is the name of ...
What is the name of music , anyone know? thanks :)
Celui qui fais du ...
Celui qui fais du trial électric c'est mon tonton
matt moglia24/08/2013
@nigel3458 Yes we ...
@nigel3458 Yes we are, but excuse me sir. Sorry I can not finish this round as I have to wait 12 hours for my bike to re charge.
J'en veux une !
J'en veux une !
Le Trialiste Masqué06/12/2011
@R1Kyle Don't be so ...
@R1Kyle Don't be so absurd. It's going to have no trouble completing a trial and it would recharge in about 2 hours from dead flat (which it wouldn't be). The only issue that I can see with electric is that as it's impossible to stall them, the scoring might have to be changed to allow their inclusion.
c nul les trial ...
c nul les trial eléctric
alain dubosson09/06/2012
song please?!?!?!?.
song please?!?!?!?.
C'est pas nul du ...
C'est pas nul du tout, c'est l'avenir ! Vivement des batteries plus performantes et légères et nos auront des trials à moins de 50 kg, sans pollution sonore, hors contrôle du grand banditisme des pétroliers et des accises...
Didier Doutrepont19/08/2012
c quelle marque
c quelle marque
tom serayet14/10/2012
Whats the very ...
Whats the very first song? I love it!
Tony Marasco31/12/2012
Why arent there ...
Why arent there electric bmx trick bikes
Nick D01/06/2012
Un rêve qui se ...
Un rêve qui se réalise ! Quand seront-elles commercialisées ? Et surtout à quel prix ? Je trouve dommage que les moto électriques sortent encore plus chères que les moto thermiques...
Yep its the future ...
Yep its the future of trials alright, this would be good enough to beat 60% of riders at our opens. Oh you are worried about battery going flat? Ever heard of a spare? Ever heard of an inverter to use to charge the 1st battery while using the 2nd??? Personally I will find it a sad day when petrol bikes are taken over by electric, whether they will ever be better or not (and they probably will be) we will almost all be riding them.
Electric trail ...
Electric trail bikes are a perfect fit of form and function. Why would anyone use a noisy, emission spewing petrol engine to explore the natural world? Please, get a website up and running soon for these wonderful machines!
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