Shocking Motorcycle Crash into Bicycles 4/27/2013
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Data pubblicazione: 28/04/2013
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Rider hits cyclists coming out of a turn on Mulholland Hwy. Cyclists didn't appear to have serious injuries. Note about cyclists and riders co-existing on this famous 2 mile stretch of road. Even though bicycles are up here in increasing numbers, this is the first time a bicycle has been hit by a motorcycle In the four years I've been up here. Motorcycle riders of all skill levels come up here to ride. The rider was not speeding & riding fine until he hit his foot and stood the bike up causing the bike to go wide. He then target fixated on the cyclist. . Here is a similar crash - There are many more just like it. It is a very common type of crash on this turn. Just usually no one is there and the rider falls alone. It is very unfortunate, and a rare case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We wish the cyclists a speedy recovery. Great Link for Riders - Why Do We Panic in a Turn - Update on Cyclist from Comments -" This was my friend visiting from England who was struck first. (I was further back on the hill when the accident happened and am one of the guys who comes in the picture to his assistance). He's doing ok today, was discharged from the hospital yesterday with no broken bones. Miraculously.." Google Maps Link -

a perfect example ...
a perfect example of why cyclists shouldnt be on the road.
Weird accident if ...
Weird accident if you ask me. I mean, it's not like he couldn't take that turn, it's not like he was speeding way to much to miss that turn, right? And he even didn't hit the brakes, oddly enough, not even when he clearly saw them from meters in front. It almost looks like he plunged himself at free will into these cyclists. Not saying it IS the case, but it surely looks like that, doesn't it.
Fucking ...
Fucking motorcyclist that doesn't has a pair of who's gonna replace all those bent rims?I bet the motorcyclist didn't know how much those rims cost.....they are not cheap you know?I have one crash before where a car from my back hit my rear tyre,and I crash with not too much of a damage,and he didn't pay my tyre back.......
Aaron RC23/08/2014
Look I sympathize ...
Look I sympathize for the bike rider, but for one he was riding on mulloland highway In a well known part where people like to show off and run the curves of the road so before you guys jump on the motorcycle rider it was partly the cyclists fault too that being said I really hope his ducati was fixable and hes back riding I hate cyclists btw haha 
Nicholas Piccolo07/09/2014
Very, very ...
Very, very dangerous having the Cops or Hiway-Patrol called there, I would have called the medics and that's it. Why risk having everyone getting shot and killed by them Gun Toting THUGS.
Das Boot15/09/2014
I not planning to ...
I not planning to take a ride on that road, almost every 'crash video' is shot there... And why is there always someone filming when something like that happens? O.o
Luc .Klippelaar17/10/2014
girl at 0:52 needs ...
girl at 0:52 needs to pull up her pants
emerson hemendes03/09/2014
At least they were ...
At least they were cycling near end of the edge. Sometimes I see a cyclist in a middle of a fucking road( you know, where bus, cars and motorbikes are using?). Cyclist should be on the pedestrian road or their own road in a park somewhere. It's plain stupid and dangerous. Not to mention you cyclist put other drivers in danger as well as your selves. For example, on a busy road a bus is trying to drive by a cyclist. The bus now has to go onto the other lane just for a bit to make room for the cyclist. And the car beside the bus got scared and went onto the oncoming lane. See what i mean? Just do it on a fucking closed road or a fucking park. Don't fucking come out to a busy road and try to kill yourselves. 
Roads are made for ...
Roads are made for motorised vehicles, please stay in the bicycle lanes.
Marcus Björn Rydström05/10/2014
The cyclist sniffed ...
The cyclist sniffed his own asshole
I HATE cyclists. ...
I HATE cyclists. Seeing this video shows why. Even though the motorcycle was operated by a retard and he's at fault the cyclist should not have been on there. Sure, he has the right, but tell that to the moron that ran into him. Common sense people. Wear your spandex and ride around in areas where you're less likely to get killed. Use your head.
Joe Lafferty20/11/2014
As a motorist its ...
As a motorist its your job to be ready to stop for anything in the road. The motorcyclist was riding recklessly and technically it would be his fault even if the cyclists were stopped sideways in the middle of the lane. If you you hit an animal, piece of debris, or small child its 100% your fault even if they're in the road. Saying its the riders fault shows a misunderstanding of the law especially when you consider that the cyclists gave him more than enough room to pass.
Joseph Morse11/11/2014
As a former road ...
As a former road cyclist, this is exactly why I stopped riding on the road. At least if you crash on a mountain bike it's your own damn fault. With that said, why the fuck do road cyclists insist that they need to ride on this road? It's suicide. They already know that Mulholland is full of wanna be racers who can't drive, why would you tempt fate? Nobody deserves to get hurt, but pull your head out of your ass. There are plenty of roads in So-Cal that are far better bicycling roads. Moholland should be off limits to cyclists. 
Im a rider myself ...
Im a rider myself for many years now, and I replayed this video like 8 times, and this fucker with no doubt did that shit on purpose, stupid idiot went straight into him without even hitting his breaks what so ever, somebody probably paid him to do that shit. People always do stupid shit for money. 
Douglas Smith19/06/2014
Is it just me or ...
Is it just me or this camera is super smooth!
LittleJack Black13/11/2014
So much cyclist ...
So much cyclist hate. How about you get off your fat asses and do something that doesn't require a remote you fucking Americans. Yeah, Come at me, you'll never catch me though because I can actually get up stairs you fat cunts.
Target Fixation for ...
Target Fixation for the win.
lol when the biker ...
lol when the biker was standing over him "this is my feast tonight MORTALS!"
It's only a Harley ...
It's only a Harley piece of shit, all noise and no handle.You want to ride like you are on a Jap bikle, buy one.
Johnny Ralf09/10/2014
Lycra vs leathers
Lycra vs leathers
Spice Da Clown14/11/2014
he better have ...
he better have gotten a new bike, that motorcycle didn't even try to brake. looked almost on purpose.
Bo Huggabee21/08/2014
A lot of completely ...
A lot of completely psychotic replies in the comments below, it's very frightening that people have this embarrassing attitude of "fuck cyclists", anyone remotely angered by the cyclists in this video should not be allowed a licence to be on any road, ever.
You see this is why ...
You see this is why mountain biking is better you can't get hit by a car! And you might see a Sasquatch 
Joey BOSSNESS08/11/2014
Surprise buttsecks
Surprise buttsecks
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