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Data pubblicazione: 17/04/2015
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Too slow!
Too slow!
ipponata hyuga23/04/2014
Sure beats a ...
Sure beats a scooter! We need more small displacement bikes here in the U.S.! If you're looking at the 'Grom', also look at the SYM Wolf 150 (Honda CB125 clone; actually SYM made them for Honda back in the day), or the Piranha Flashback CT125. Too bad Honda doesn't make the MB5 anymore, which was a very affordable and fast 2-stroke, 5-speed screamer that hit 55 MPH, and was the most fun to ride of any small bikes i've tried!
Honda msx 125
Honda msx 125
Ra Gr05/02/2014
You could do it (be ...
You could do it (be sure if it's legal in your area /town/ city), but if you drive on highways and such today, you should know most people go waaay over the posted speed limit. So some a**hole could try to run you off the road. In my opinion, its better to have something with power on the highways.
You Toober11/09/2013
Really think this ...
Really think this bike looks fun. Was considering it as first bike, but soooooo small. Im 6ft2. My feet are bigger than the wheels....
Piece of shit ...
Piece of shit review. You just basically read its spec. Where is the actual bike? btw the top speed is only 59mph. You wouldnt know though because you never even ridden the bike.
steven lu31/08/2013
It doesn't go 65 it ...
It doesn't go 65 it only goes 53
Tobias Flood28/08/2013
Do you understand ...
Do you understand what the word "review" means? Do you also understand youtube is a site for videos? Idiot.
@warmfreeze 65 mph ...
@warmfreeze 65 mph or 100 kph where I live wont be scary on road at all... once you hit 130 it gets more intese in terms of wind etc but its not "scary" untill you maybe hit 140 (as a passenger at 140)
Awesomely ugly ...
Awesomely ugly minibike.
Yeah it my go 65 ...
Yeah it my go 65 mph..but only someone who chugs testosterone and lives on machismo would take this on the highway.
This things pretty ...
This things pretty cool, I'm going to head down the the dealership and try to take one for a test drive this weekend.
chase mercer18/07/2013
Hondas are way ...
Hondas are way overpriced compared to your Chinese garbage because... well... they aren't Chinese garbage. Even the Thai-built Hondas are head and shoulders above anything being produced by those junk manufacturers. This isn't like buying No Name brand ice cream, you know. You'll know what I mean when your warrantied crate motor is back ordered until forever.
I have a yamaha bws ...
I have a yamaha bws auto at the moment. Really really considering switching to this. Anyone reckon its worth it?
Jamie Sawicki24/08/2013
cool for city ...
cool for city driving but being at its top speed on the highway for a hour i dont think the engine will last long at redline for a hour..
Greg Quillen11/09/2013
i would like to see ...
i would like to see a video of video. this is a video of still photos. A slide show really. I like the look of the Grom. I'd rather see them than a scooter :-)
William Reside11/07/2013
Don't get a Grom ...
Don't get a Grom for a first bike. It's too small for you and it's probably not freeway legal where you live (In Calif, bikes must be at least 150cc for that). You'd be spending over $3k for what amounts to a pit bike. For the same $3k, go find a used Suzuki SV650.
Eric McCormick08/07/2013
I was expecting a ...
I was expecting a road test ... Instead I got pictures from Honda's press kit...
So that mean with ...
So that mean with 65 mph you can't take this baby in the highway? Right
Albulena Duka30/08/2013
No disrespect, but ...
No disrespect, but where's the review? This is a summary (or a review, I suppose) of the PR complete with press photos.
Chris Lynch09/07/2013
put it on a trailer ...
put it on a trailer behind a goldwing !
Jörgen Geesink27/07/2013
Where's the review? ...
Where's the review? Just some dude talking about specs...
Corey Buckner01/08/2013
top speed 130km/h
top speed 130km/h
Kuma Chiu22/06/2013
Or if you do ride ...
Or if you do ride this on the highways, make sure there is some type of traffic. Some congestion. So you can keep up or even make passes when you have to.
You Toober11/09/2013
i have two because ...
i have two because it is cheap as hell to get around town with..80+mpg my gf and i have thrashed the hell out of them...and for such a small bike 65+ mph is scarry on something this small LOL
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